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Tony Caldwell's Travel Talks

From June 2022, Tony reluctantly decided to discontinue his Travel Talks after presenting them for 26 years at over 500 venues, mainly within a 40-mile radius of his home in Evesham, but occasionally travelling further afield.

He raised over £50,000 from this venture for the charity 'Blood Cancer UK', formerly known as 'Leukaemia Research Fund', 'Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research' and 'Bloodwise'.

He has actively supported this charity since the loss of his son, Simon, aged 5½ years, from leukaemia in 1979.  He still continues to fundraise for this worthy cause in other ways.

Together with his other and previous pursuits, he has raised over £1 million for research into blood cancer.

For the website of Blood Cancer UK, click on its logo at the top right of this page.
Tony Caldwell at Ullswater on Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk
Tony at Ullswater on Wainwright's
Coast to Coast Walk