Annual diary


Wed 10 January 8.00pm Memorial Hall, School Road, Salford Priors, Near Evesham Everest
Fri 19 January 7.30pm Trinity High School, Grove Street, Redditch Mustang
Sat 20 January 3.00pm Village Hall, Harvington, Near Evesham Coast to Coast
Wed 14 February 8.00pm Village Hall, Kemerton, Near Tewkesbury Annapurna
Wed 21 February 10.30am Racing Club, Hampton Road, Warwick Mustang
Tue 13 March 2.45pm Wick Club, Main Street, Wick, Pershore Annapurna
Wed 11 April 7.30pm Boys' Brigade HQ, Newtown, Tewkesbury Annapurna
Mon 16 April 10.30am Baptist Church Hall, Chance Street, Tewkesbury Mustang
Fri 4 May 10.30am Friends Meeting House, Cowl Street, Evesham Annapurna
Tue 15 May 11.00am Crown & Cushion Hotel, 23 High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5AD Coast to Coast
Fri 13 July 2.00pm Village Hall, St Peters Drive, Worcester (near Tesco) Coast to Coast
Wed 8 August 2.30pm Guiting Power Village Hall Everest
Wed 15 August 10.30am Racing Club, Hampton Road, Warwick Everest
Tue 21 August 8.00pm Village Hall, Bredon, Near Tewkesbury (WI) Coast to Coast
Tue 23 October 8.00pm Beoley Village Hall, Near Redditch (WI) Coast to Coast
Thu 1 November 8.00pm Alain Rouveure Galleries, Todenham, Moreton-in-Marsh Mustang
Wed 7 November 10.30am Ladies Circle, Methodist Church, Dorridge Mustang
Mon 19 November 7.45pm Methodist Church Hall, High Street, Winchcombe, Near Cheltenham Mustang
Tue 27 November 10.15am Village Hall, Bredon, Near Tewkesbury (Probus) Coast to Coast

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